ABOUT THIS WORK /// I was bullied for years as a kid for talking like a girl and "sounding gay" and as a result, turned into a quiet person and often had trouble expressing myself. In 2011 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. I’ve come to think of this diagnosis as a result of having a clogged throat chakra due to social conditioning and queer shame. For this video, I wanted to make something that used queerness as a therapy tool to open up and heal my throat chakra.

Vocal exercises help open up the throat chakra so I came up with a list of campy gay cliched phrases ("Fierce", "Yass Queen", "Werk!") to use in this made up chakra therapy technique.  The blue lotus on my throat is a known symbol for the throat chakra, the crystals that frame the video are various crystals known to treat the throat chakra and my thyroid medication as well as my HIV Prep pills which both happen to be blue (the color of the throat chakra) are in the background.  

This is part of a larger video series entitled, ATTEMPTS TO HEAL: MY BODY(of)WORK

NOTE: This video is designed to be played on a loop and projected on a white or black wall. If this video is played with others in a series I can provide a 3 minute (2x looped) version.

THROAT CHAQRA THERAPY from Jeff Page on Vimeo.