ABOUT JUNK DRAWER ///  Junk Drawer is an ongoing experiment in combining art + dance music + queer nightlife.  Junk Drawer is a party that usually takes place at TRADE in Denver on (approximately) a bi-monthly basis.  The party was born out of a dire need in Denver for a more vibrant, radical and inclusive nightlife experience.  For each party, we collaborate with various artists to create a bespoke dancefloor installation and custom graphics (often with the help of Charles Bloom) and we fly out a DJ from other queer crews/parties from the vast national queer dance music scene that is MUCH bigger in many other cities.  We aim to not only create a memorable party, but to put Denver on the map of queer culture.  Junk Drawer is run by Jeff Page, Justin Najjar-Keith and Aleks Rodriguez.

Like the rest of the nightlife world, we are on hiatus until Ms 'Rona goes away and it's safe to party in large groups again.

Here is a random list of party flyers and photos from various parties....