ABOUT THIS WORK /// After two years of making work in an academic setting, I am just as skeptical about the relationship between art and language than before I came into graduate school.  The continuous necessity to explain what your work is "about" is certainly an important, worthwhile task, but it gives me a nagging feeling- verbalizing a painting, WORDS ...defining, crushing, highlihting, hindering, helping, elevating and rerouting art's capabilties to be anything else.  

The focus of this body of work is the focus of the body of work.  Put in another way- These works are made by taking all of the artists statements that I've written over the past few years (there are A LOT) along with my MFA Thesis paper and using the text,  phrases, and quotes from those sources along with the forms of those letters and using that as the content of the work.  These images are of the first few works in this new series.