ABOUT THESE WORKS /// These images are many things - they are collages, paintings, intensely-layered and manipulated glitched-out pictures, they are feeling, they are action.  They are artifacts of hybridity.  These paintings are all made using various text-based .pdf documents relating to my identity (i.e.- birth certificate, tax returns, passport, driver's license etc) in many images I also incroporate images of clothing from my closet. I begin each painting by importing the .pdf and clothing imagery that I'm working with and then playfully layer, manipulate, cut/paste and blend the layers together to create an energetic digital canvas. 


CUSTOM COMMISSION REQUESTS ///   I am doing a short run of commissions for this series.  If you'd like a custom digital painting / print of an abstract design based on a .pdf or .jpg relating to your life, email me .  FYI, I'm making these at 24" x 36" high-quality color prints for $500.  I can go larger or smaller depending on what you are looking for.