404 Error (Jeff) Page, 2014


ABOUT THIS WORK /// The aim of this project was to make a web-based work that represents my creative process.  Since my practice heavily revolves around the failure or collapse of materials and the subsequent collaboration that occurs in working with that failure, it made sense to work around a 404 Error page. In part inspired by this and by my name- Jeff Page- This project, 404 error (Jeff)Page, is composed of 4 HTML pages. As the user clicks the "fix this page" button they are guided through slight transformations of the 404 page itself.  Each of these transformations represent various aspects which are important to my creative practice: failure, color, experimentation, collapse.  The end product, the "success" page, is a tumultuous layering of a humorous found video.  When the video plays staggered all the way through, the result is a visual and auditory raucous.

{Click the "fix this page" button above to start}

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You can also view the project on it's own page here: 404 Error (Jeff)Page.