ABOUT THIS WORK ///   My aim with this video is to create an experimental exercise for dealing with shame.  For this video, I create a space where I play with the facepalm pose - the quintessential expression of shame.  By deconstructing this pose, abstracting it and playing with it I believe I'm teasing out the generative potential of shame and making space for myself to build shame resilience. I am curious about how we can look at shame in different ways and potentially use it as a tool for creativity and transformation.

There is a burning stick of palo santo for a calming meditative vibe.  A bell rings each time my face lines up with the hand cut-out and new imagery appears... things shift.  The bells are used in Feng Shui to clear stagnant energy in our minds and in space.  The background atmospheric sound in this piece is the audio from Brene Brown's Ted Talk "Listening to Shame" slowed down to the point of total obscurity. 

This is part of a larger video series entitled, ATTEMPTS TO HEAL: MY BODY(of)WORK