ABOUT THE NEW GENRES COLLECTIVE /// The NGC is essentially a school club comprised of student designers and artists at RMCAD although, given our focus on collaboration, we identify as a collective.  The collective was founded by instructors,  Jeff Page, Tobias Fike and student, Alex Killgore.  This collective is technically for RMCAD students only although we regularly collaborate with outside artists and organizations for every project.

DATE /// December 1, 2017

LOCATION /// Pop-Up location at a vacant storefront - 6759 W. Colfax (next to Casa Bonita in the old "Hollywood Video" location)

ABOUT THE CASCADA BONITA HAPPENING /// For this event, the collective riffed-off of the image and concept of the waterfall in the nearby kitsch-powerhouse that is Casa Bonita.  Within this vacant storefront exhibition space, the collective wanted to create a poetic, human-powered waterfall with simple materials and actions.  Throughout the 3 hour opening, there was live sound mixing of water-oriented audio and collaged video footage taken from Casa Bonita that covered the floor and ceiling of the cavernous space.  While the video and sound added sensorial depth to the space, there was also action and inaction abound while members of the collective slowly and continuously poured water from a series of buckets into and out of a small pool that shimmered beneath two spotlights while a potential swimmer, diver and/or performer perched in stillness on a ladder above the pool.

Scroll to see a short video of the performance and images of the installation...